Our Ambassadors

Our 2019 Elite Ambassadors Squad

Age 7
Michigan, USA
Swimming, Baseball, Basketball
Cameron is a super talented young athlete. He competes in all 3 disciplines of sport of Swimming, Baseball and Basketball.
He is in the USA Swim team, Little League Baseball and Recreation League Basketball.
Michael Phelps, Steph Currie and Michael Jordan are Cameron's inspirational figures.
He has already won many medals in his swimming and has a very bright future ahead of him in high performance sport.
His favourite food is lobster.
Cameron's motto is:
Practice winning every day!!
Essex, England
Age 8
Eva comes with an impressive resume in tennis.
Competing at the Essex County Team, she has played at the Royal Albert Hall at the ATP Masters Show and has joined the Junior PRO Squad in Long Island New York- 2 years ahead of her age group!
She has just fnished competing on her first International Tournament in Mallorca at the Rafa Nadal Academy.
Her inspirational figures in sport are Emmie and Djokovic.
Her favourite food is peas, carrots, pomegranates and fish.
Eva's motto is:-
Never give up- fight for every ball!"
Goergia, USA
Age 8
Isabelle is a pocket rocket at gymnastics and now competes at level 7.
She just recently became a member of the TOPS A National Team.
Isabelle started gymnastics at the age of 3 after trying out dance for 1 year. She immediately fell in love with the sport and began competing at the age of 4 years old.
Her favorite thing about gymnastics is she gets to learn new skills and spend time with her teammates.
Isabelle's biggest inspiration in sport are Simone Biles and Nastia Liukin.
Her favourite food is fruit.
Isabelle's motto is:-
"Fall down 7 times, stand up 8!"