Our story

Munchkins Muscles was born from a tiny acorn of an idea which evolved from a kids fitness class at a little yoga studio in the Autumn of 2015- with the sole founding mission to get more children active.

In the months that followed, extensive brain storming saw the creation of something very special indeed.
It was only during the brand's initial fabric sourcing in early 2016 that the horrific deadly truth behind the fashion industry was discovered.

Under Greenpeace's Detox My Fashion Campaign, a powerful global initiative that exposed mainstream fashion brands for their use of dangerous chemicals and dyes, it was found that over two thirds of all mainstream sportswear brands tested contained highly toxic chemicals- including phtalates, lead, formaldehyde and pfcs. These toxic dyes and treatments are dumped into rivers and eco systems- not only does this destroy waterways and their wildlife but also has devastating effects on the people who live by these rivers and who rely on the water for survival. Add to this the impact that toxic clothing has on the wearer- the skin is our largest organ, and chemicals enter our bloodstream through our skin. Children's skin is many times more porous than adults- and so they are far more at risk from wearing toxic clothes.
For the very beginning it was a no-brainer- all of Munchkins clothing simply HAD to be as eco-friendly as possible- with no stone left unturned.
GOTS certified organic fabrics and OEKO-TEX certified manufacturing ensured the highest standard of safe, eco friendly manufacturing was maintained: right from the soil of the crop to the final finishing of the garment and its packaging.
Eco-sourcing is tough- eco friendly anything, be it yarns, fabrics, production and packaging is expensive, and comes with very high minimums. For a wee brand from Scotland, this was an almighty task- particularly when the "big guns" refuse to work with the little guys!
Yet perseverance always pays off in the end- it is indeed hard to fail if you never give up! We worked hard over the year and a half, sourcing, sampling, sourcing again, sampling again- until we found the right people for us. People who care about their workers- who pay fair wages, who support women in the workplace, who ban child labour, who support charity projects and who care about the environment. Anything from recycling of water to solar panelled power to plastic free-zones- these were the people we wanted to work with, and who wanted to work with us.

We are so proud to be a totally transparent eco and ethical brand, with all of our manufacturing and production now being based in Europe. We know exactly where our yarn comes from and we know exactly how are clothes are made.

In it for the long haul....

Organic, ethical, safe.

And so Munchkins Muscles became a reality- the world's first eco-friendly fitness apparel brand for children.

The Munchkins Ambassadors Squad

We are passionate about kids fitness and motivating children to get moving and have fun- and we have never forgotten that the very foundations of our wee brand were built around this passion.
We wanted this to continue to be at the very core of all that we do as we grow, so we created our very own program to continue to promote fitness for kids across the world.

 Through our elite  Munchkins Ambassadors Program we are proud to support, motivate and empower young children on their journey to sporting greatness.

The Munchkins Fund

We are setting an example to future generations- and we pledge to give back to the world in any way we can. So that every time you buy a Munchkins garment you are not just buying a piece of clothing- you are joining us in making a difference. 

We support vital environmental and wildlife charity projects across the globe under our dedicated Munchkins Fund. We donate a percentage of our profits every year to this precious fund- charity projects chosen every year which positively impact the future of our planet.

Together we can be a part of much needed change- from ocean clean ups, to wildlife protection and education.
We hope you will join us on this incredible journey.
Thank you!

Big Love,
The Munchkins Team
Safer for kids, safer for the planet.